What if we could

people's hearts to change the city?


Have you ever looked at the church and wondered "is this really what Jesus intended?"

Was his vision simply for us to gather a lot of people together one day a week?

Or to build beautiful buildings where we don't eat, drink, or cuss (even if we might do those things every other day of the week)?

Or to simply pray the right prayers and believe the right things so that we can escape this world and get to a better one?

I mean, even if none of these things are wrong or bad, is this really all that Jesus intended?

That was the question that burned inside of us and drove us to start IGNITE.  We wanted to start a different kind of church, to live a different kind of Christianity.

We wanted to start a church that didn't just gather a crowd, but transformed a city.  A church that reached the people no one else was reaching.  A church that loved the people no one else was loving.

So instead of starting a church that focused most of its time and attention on Sunday mornings, we started a church that focused on the other six days of the week. 

We started a church the focused on the parts of the city that were experiencing the greatest pain and challenge, and brought love and hope.  We decided not just to preach Jesus, but to embody what he taught us.

Since the beginning, the vision of IGNITE has been to “IGNITE people’s hearts to change the city.”  This remains the reason for our existence and the call God has placed upon our hearts.  ​​


Reverend Randy Timmerman

Director and Campus Minister 

Rev. Randy Timmerman is the Director and Campus Minister of the Wesley Foundation at ODU, IGNITE Norfolk. He is a Provisional Elder in the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church.  He is also the Associate Pastor of Larchmont United Methodist Church just a few blocks from campus.  He loves watching Duke Basketball, playing tabletop games, and spending time with his wife and two dogs.

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Meet the staff

Mckayla Winder
Outreach Coordinator

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  • Alumna since May 2018

  • Double Majored in Psychology and Sociology

Eli Ransom
  • Senior

  • Theatre Arts Major

Raena Gradford
Public Relations Intern
  • Senior 

  • Double Major in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Women's Studies 

Justin Jumpah
 Digital Marketer and Graphic Designer Intern
  • Junior

  • Digital Marketing and Business Analytics Major

Randy Tillery
Food Pantry Intern
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  • Senior

  • Photography Major with a minor in Psychology

Katrina Sparrow
Mentoring Intern 
  • Senior

  • Exercise Science Major