Why Give?

Every gift makes a difference.  Whether it goes toward feeding college students in need or helping build relationships with the children of Park Place schools, your generosity changes lives.

But it also has greater consequences.  Jesus said, "where your treasure is, your heart will follow."  In other words, our relationship with God is directly connected to our generosity.  

We believe that giving has the potential to dramatically impact our faith and bless our lives in tremendous ways.  


In fact, this is something God promises, saying "Bring me the whole tithe (ten percent of your resources)...test me and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it."

Give Online

Giving online is the definitely the easiest way to give.  


You even have the option of automating your gift, setting it up to give weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. 

This is a great way to ensure that you give, even if you can't make it every week.

Mail a GIFT

You can always give the

old-fashioned way.


Simply make your check out to IGNITE and mail it to...

1338 W 49th St.
Norfolk, VA 23508

Bank Draft

Most banks will mail checks for you, free of charge.  You can even set it up so checks are drafted automatically each month.  

This service is often called "Bill Pay."  

Check with your financial institution about this option for making your giving more consistent and simple.

Amazon SMILE

Amazon has an amazing program called Amazon Smile in which
a portion of everything you purchase can be donated
to IGNITE.  

Simply go to smile.amazon.com
and search for Ignite Norfolk. Then just be sure to go to smile.amazon.com every time you want to make a purchase. 


1338 W 49th Street

Norfolk, VA 23508



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