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What would you do if you heard students were hungry?

That was the challenge we faced in 2015 as we learned that roughly 1 in 4 ODU students experiences food insecurity.

As we conversed with university leadership, we recognized that this is a serious concern facing our campus community, and something must be done to address it.  

So we started IGNITE Pantry, a food pantry serving the students, faculty, and staff of ODU, providing at least one full day of meals each week.

IGNITE Pantry is open on Tuesdays from 12-5PM.


ODU students, faculty and staff are welcome to come in at any time during those hours to receive food.  All you have to do is present and ODU ID.


We distribute food on a points system, meaning that instead of receiving a pre-packaged bag of food, we give you points you can use to select your choice of items from the pantry (e.g. a can of corn is 5 points, a box of pasta is 10 points, etc.).


Points are distributed based on the number of persons in your household.


All client information is kept strictly confidential to ensure that you have the most positive experience possible.




Each week, there are opportunities to serve at IGNITE Pantry, checking in clients and helping them select their items.  Volunteer shifts last from either 2:30PM-5 PM, or 4:30PM-7PM.

It's an easy way to make a big difference!


Every donation you make to IGNITE Pantry goes directly to those in need.  Whether it provides grocery bags for our clients or allows us to purchase items we are lacking, your generosity makes a significant difference!