Why Worship?

Central to IGNITE's vision is a desire to help people experience God's love.  


It is why we serve those in need, why we meet together in small groups, and definitely the reason why we worship.


Worship is a unique opportunity for us to come together as a large group, connect with God, and be inspired to remember why it is we serve others.


We worship every Sunday, at 12 PM at our building on 49th St.  Our worship services are simple, casual, and fun.  We're not your typical church.  The messages are relevant to your life and will open your eyes to things in the Bible you've never seen before.


What kind of church is IGNITE? 
IGNITE is a United Methodist Church; however, we welcome people of every denomination and background. 

Is IGNITE just for students? 
Nope! Everyone is welcome. 


Do I have to sing? 
We want worship to be comfortable for you. If you get caught up in the music, sing your heart out. If you want to worship in silence, that works too! 

What do I do during the offering? 
Jesus talks about financial giving as one of the biggest ways that we can grow with our relationship with God; however, there is no requirement to give in order to enjoy the service. If nothing else, you can simply drop your connection card in the basket when it comes around. 

Why should I fill out a connection card? 
Connection cards are the best way to get involved in all of IGNITE’s events and service opportunities.wehavefreecookies and drinks. Feel free to hang around and meet other people. To get involved with other great opportunities after the service, be sure to fill out your connection card.


What do I do after the service?

Before and after the service, we have refreshments.  Feel free to hang around and meet other people.  To get involved with other great opportunities beyond worship, make sure to fill out your Connection Card.